Kamimila pattern by JoAnn Hoffman

Kamimila pattern

Designed by JoAnn Hoffman

42″ Diameter Raw edge applique

(Kee-mee-mee-lah) Lakota name for Butterfly



The pattern includes instructions on making a circular 42″ diameter quilt or wall hanging.

However, we used to pattern template to make rectangular quilts and even appliqued pillow cushions, therefore this design can be applied wherever and however you wish.

The pictures featured above, of the quilts, were a class Christina held for this pattern. She is shown holding her creation of the cushion cover.

Our customers did a fantastic job of re-creating this amazing pattern in their own choice of fabrics and designing.

The word butterfly means transformation, new birth, new born children, external existence.

Butterflies were often viewed as the spirits of departed relatives returning to visit the living.

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